Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

You too can join the growing ranks of local New Jersey businesses by joining the premier business association, Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce.

As a member, we are interested in you and want to assist in your success. Remember, we are available to help you maximize your Chamber membership.

Our organization seeks to promote strong civic spirit and a robust business environment for the individuals and families who live and work in our communities. We believe that as a member of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce your business will be offered many opportunities to grow and thrive.

So that we can get to know more about you and about your business, we encourage you to attend and support the various events throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

We also offer a “Fast-Start” opportunity for you and your business to be in front of all our members at events. Want to know how you can participate? Call us at 732-203-0340 or e-mail us at:

You will find we are very progressive and active in our area. We are constantly finding new and exciting opportunities for our members to promote & market their products and services and network together in a safe and positive environment.

You will enjoy other benefits that Membership offers in our expanding organization.

Here's a brief overview:

  • ENJOY the Chamber's info in real time ~ visit our web-site daily for all the news & upcoming events.
  • FREE Hot-Link in our Members Listing to your Business web-site.
  • DEVELOP NEW Business Contacts.
  • SAVE money with cost effective Chamber Advertising opportunities.
  • GROW professionally with special Business Workshops & Seminars offered throughout the year.
  • STAY informed with our Chamber e-Newsletter.
  • INCREASE your visibility with our Member-to-Member Directory.
  • REACH over 70,000 buyers a month with our Marketing and Promotion Alliances.

Member-to-Member Discounts

Our Membership Committee is launching a "Member-to-Member" Campaign. We would like to implement and advertise the use of these discounts to NMCC members. We should be aware of the services we have to offer each other and look INSIDE the Chamber before going to another source.

Please let us know the applicable discounts you wish to offer other members!

Check out the current Member-to-Member Discounts.

Benefactor Package

The NMCC Board of Directors are Proud & Excited to offer our members the following discounted packages for our Events. Each "Package" is designed to "Showcase" you and your business to all our members at the following NMCC Events.

The NMCC "Benefactor Package" for just $900.00
Available to YOU today! Start SAVING NOW and be recognized in our Chamber!
Here’s what’s included:

  1. Annual Meeting Sponsorship (includes 2 admissions) - $250.00
  2. 1 Summer Celebration Sponsorship (includes 2 admissions) - $250.00
  3. One E-Mail Blast - $100.00
  4. A Banner Ad on the Web-Site for one year 24/7 - $250.00
  5. 1 Holiday Gala Sponsorship "Sleigh Bells" (includes 2 admissions) $250.00
  6. One Admission to the Crystal Beacon - $100.00

Total Value: $1200.00

Save $300.00

Pay in Full $900.00

Budget-minded option pay 12 monthly payments of just $75.00

Privacy Notice: The Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce will not share collected information with any outside organizations.

NMCC Season Pass

The NMCC "Season Pass" for just $350.00 ~~ SAVE $175.00
Here's what's included:
One Ticket to each of the following events:

Meet the Officials ~ Crystal Beacon Awards Dinner ~ Summer Celebration ~ Annual Meeting
Holiday Gala ~ all 4 Women in Business Luncheons and One E-Mail Blast

Order Now Just $350.00

Privacy Notice: The Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce will not share collected information with any outside organizations.

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