Regional Towns

Aberdeen, NJ

Township of Aberdeen
Address: One Aberdeen Square, Aberdeen, NJ 07747
Telephone: 732-583-4200
Web site:

Aberdeen has two distinct sections: Cliffwood (07721) and Cliffwood Beach (07735) are north of Matawan Creek. They are tight little communities of curving, tree-lined streets, and cottages that have not seen the gentrification that has swept other areas.

On the other side of the NJ Transit tracks and Garden State Parkway is Strathmore. The area was mostly apple orchards until the 1960s, when William Levitt of "Levittown" fame built the 1,900-unit Strathmore neighborhood complete with schools, a shopping center and a swim club.

Population grew from 17,200 in 1990 to 18,600 in 2000, an increase of 1,200 households. Over 75% of homes are owner-occupied. Median income for households jumped from $50,500 to $77,900 in the decade.

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