Regional Towns

Matawan, NJ

Borough of Matawan
Address: PO Box 424, Matawan, NJ 07747
Telephone: 732-290-2001
Web address

If Aberdeen is defined by curvy streets and a highway shopping center, then Matawan is defined by a downtown Main Street lined with Victorian-era homes and service businesses.

Matawan and Aberdeen each have their own town hall, mayor and town manager, separate tax rates, separate fire and first aid services. They share a post office, library and school system.

Because space for development is scarce, the population stood at 8,950 in 2001, down from 9,270 in 1990. About 57% of the houses are owner-occupied; 40% are rentals. Median household income was $71,000 in 2000, up from $46,150 a decade before. Enrollment at the four Matawan-Aberdeen Regional elementary schools, 2,000 in 2001, has remained stable since 1996, but the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School population decreased from 940 to 930.

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